From the far-off galaxy, they arrive  

Aliens come at last, our world to survive  

Astonishing sight, up in the sky  

Mystery and wonder, fill every eye  

With technology beyond our dreams  

The aliens’ knowledge, beyond all means  

Their ships of steel, in formation glide  

Through the endless cosmos, they do stride  

What news they bring, from worlds afar  

Injudicious tales of hope or war  

New life they bring, to our lonely sphere  

Their appearance spills forth every fear  

Silent and wandering, they come to us  

Peacefully touching, our souls with a gentle touch  

A promise of intergalactic kinship   

A message of a new world wisdom  

A great oneness, we can now perceive  

A path to salvation, we can now believe  

Our history now changes, with their arrival  

Our world now begins, with the promise of survival.