In the land of theocracy, faith reigns supreme,

The faithful follow, an unerring routine.

A system of governance, blind to reason,

Where the truth lies, in religious season.

The rulers proclaim, their divine right,

The law of the land, in religious sight.

The faithful obey, without question or doubt,

Their choices limited, and their voices devout.

The non-believers, left to fend for themselves,

Their faith, their culture, left upon shelves.

The system of governance, built on fear and control,

For the ones who disagree, it takes their soul.

Theocracy, a world so exclusive,

Where tolerance is seen, as an elusive,

A system of oppression, with no recourse,

For the ones that think, it's a big remorse.

In theocracy, the power of the clergy,

All-consuming, their power, their energy.

The truth, a matter of faith, and not inquiry,

Leaving the people, in a state of query.

Oh, theocracy, a world of the divine,

A world so exclusive, and hard to define.

A system of governance, built on faith,

Leaving the non-believers, in a state of wraith.

So let’s embrace diversity, and never fall,

For the system of governance, that will take us all.

Let's build a world, of equality and peace,

Where every soul, can live with ease.