In the land of the Platinum Theocracy,

Where power reigns, and the wealthy gain supremacy,

The rulers stand tall, while the masses cower,

The poor and the weak, their voices gone sour.

The rich flaunt their wealth, in an opulent display,

The poor left to stumble, and find their own way.

The rulers govern, with an iron fist,

The power they possess, an unbreakable twist.

The people scream, their voices unheard,

Their cries for justice, their hearts truly stirred.

But the rulers deafen their ears, to all their pleas,

Their hearts white as snow, with ill-gotten fees.

In the Platinum Theocracy, corruption roams,

A state of affairs, where the deprived are all alone.

The law at the mercy, of the mighty and powerful,

Leaving the average, forlorn and sorrowful.

Oh, the Platinum Theocracy, a place of great divide,

Where the rich get richer, and the poor subsides.

The land of inequality, where oppression reigns,

Leaving the righteous, with nothing but disdain.

In the winds of change, a hope drifts slowly,

A dream of equality, where every soul lives wholly.

The end of an era, where the system reigns supreme,

A promise of democracy, where hope will gleam.