In the halls of democracy, a voice reigns free,

One of freedom and liberty, for all to see.

A system that thrives, on people's participation,

Where justice prevails, with no discrimination.

The people are sovereign, their power proclaimed,

Their voices heard, their choice unconstrained.

Elections fair, with choices unlimited,

A promise of fairness, where the truth is credited.

The will of the people, the law of the land,

Their rights and freedoms, protected and grand.

A system of checks, and balances in place,

To safeguard democracy, with diligence and grace.

The power of the press, the voice of the free,

A watchdog of the system, they are the key.

A free and open society, where ideas can grow,

Discussions uninhibited, a free-flowing show.

In the democracy, there is a promise of change,

A place where policies can be easily arranged.

A world of opportunity, where dreams come true,

And every soul, can find their own breakthrough.

Oh, the beauty of democracy, a haven of hope,

Where every soul can thrive, and learn to cope.

A promise of a better world, that's all inclusive,

A world that's free from injustice, and exclusive.

So, let's cherish democracy, and never undermine,

Let's uphold the virtues, and let freedom shine.

For in democracy, every voice is heard,

And every soul has a right, to live in the herd.