Oh, Hell! A place of eternal despair,

Where darkness reigns, and hope is rare.

A place of fire and brimstone, of pain and suffering,

A place where sorrow and fear are ever-withering.

The screams echo in the walls of hell,

The pain, a torment that none can dispel.

The demons dance, and gleefully take

Souls that arrive in chains, seeking a break.

Oh, Hell! The dwelling place of the wicked,

Where eternal punishment is never remitted.

No mercy, no respite, from agony and torture,

The torment never stops, forever in rupture.

The flames, they burn, a never-ending abyss,

A place of loneliness, where nothing amiss.

The agony, the suffering, never get any less,

A place where all dreams, and hope, are in distress.

The devil, a master of this desolate land,

A ruler, who never risks at the mortal's hand.

The abyss, an inevitable end, for those who sin,

A place of utmost terror, and perpetual din.

Oh, Hell! A place of horror, and regret,

A place that we all will never forget.

The misery, the pain, ever-lurking,

A reminder, to keep our souls from perishing.